The New York Skyline

They New York skyline is, without a doubt, one of the most famed views of the city. Every street vendor has at least three framed versions of it in their collection. In “How I Met Your Mother,” the protagonist, an architect named Ted, dreams of adding a building to it. And in “500 Days of Summer,” Joseph Gordon-Levitt loves to sketch the skyline almost as much as he loves Zooey Deschanel. Up until yesterday, these images made up my mental picture of the New York City skyline.

So, what happened yesterday to completely alter my perception of the skyline, you may ask. Well, I viewed Manhattan from the Manhattan Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the Promenade, all within a three-hour time span.

The best view of the tour was from the Promenade. As I stood at the fence with old mansions, surrounded by blossoming bushes and plants behind me, I could see the entire skyline, two different bridges (Brooklyn and Manhattan), the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Nature, impressive architecture and historic sights were all incorporated into this one picturesque moment. After this experience, I finally understand why Joseph Gordon-Levitt found such peace sitting, surrounded by the park’s nature and admiring the skyline.

Another breathtaking view of the skyline came when we stopped at the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. Without a car in sight I was able to stand above the river with a warm breeze cooling my sweaty body. While standing there, could see exactly why artists and movie directors are sure to incorporate the skyline into their projects. It truly is an experience that pictures can’t do justice.

One final success I have to attribute to this tour was the tour guides ability to assuage some of my fears of biking through the streets of New York. Not only did he fearlessly navigate through the traffic, but his knowledge of lower Manhattan was so impressive it made me realize how necessary biking through the cities various neighborhoods really is. Damien knew the ins and outs of Wall St., Federal Hall, China town, Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO. I would never have been able to cover so much terrain by foot. Even if could though, I get so caught up in the masses of people hustling through the streets my view of the sights is always somewhat obscured.