New Yorkers for Bicycling

New Yorkers are greater than their chosen mode of transportation. The residents of New York City are not bicyclists or straphangers or taxi passengers; we are New Yorkers, and we want a livable city, safe and vibrant. Because bicycles ease speeding, reduce crashes and nourish our street life, we want bicycles to be a part of New York City.

According to a recent Quinnipiac University poll, a majority of New Yorkers support a bicycle-friendly New York because of the benefits bicycling provides. Bicycles make our neighborhoods safer, saner and simply more amenable places to live. By shrinking crash rates and calming traffic, bicycling breeds a bubbling street life that is New York’s greatest identifying marker.

This summer, for the first time ever, T.A. will be rallying the diversity of New York — cyclists, pedestrians, car owners; children, students, commuters, seniors — to build a bridge between bicycling and a safer, saner and more sociable New York. We’re proud to announce T.A.’s new campaign: New Yorkers for Bicycling.

T.A. will be building bridges this summer and hosting conversations about how well New York and bicycling go together:

From Bicyclist to Bicyclist
T.A. will foster peer-to-peer education about how to bike polite.
From Bicyclist to Businesses
T.A. will connect businesses to bicycling customers and owners to safe cycling education for their employees.
From Every New Yorker to a Better New York
T.A. will educate everyone about how simple bike-friendly infrastructure has the power to make reduce crashes and increase safety.

No matter our chosen mode of travel or our role in this great tumbling metropolis, all New Yorkers can take part in ushering in a safer, saner, more sociable New York City. The power of bicycling to calm traffic and encourage a vibrant street life is a message we can all spread. Because bikes are good for New York, New Yorkers are for bikes. Are you one? Declare it now.