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Be a Better Tourist in NYC, Even If You’re a Local

Lindsay Armstrong, Menglin Huang, Christina Mullgan, Esha Ray | June 8, 2012 4:00 AM

On Wheels and Water

Claire Gorayeb

Director of Marketing for Bike and Roll. Bikes can be rented by the hour or for a half or full day at locations around the city including Battery Park, Central Park Columbus Circle, Tavern on the Green, Riverside Park, Battery Park,  Pier 84, and Brooklyn Bridge Park. Other locations (Governors Island, East River Park, and West Harlem Piers) are open on the weekend only. They also offer guided bike tours and itineraries for self-guided tours. Bike and Roll rents bike to about  100,000 people each year.

What do you wish tourists knew?

They don’t realize how much traffic-free biking there is in New York City. Beyond Central Park, you have the Hudson River bike paths, the one on the East River, Brooklyn and Queens. They’re all traffic free. Once someone does it and realizes they can ride for miles and miles uninterrupted, they’re thrilled.

Many New Yorkers don’t know it either, because they don’t live all the way over on the rivers, they might not realize it’s there.

The thing about living in New York is that you always have visitors. People’s guests want to ride. That’s when many New Yorkers come to us.

Lots don’t know how easy it is to ride in the city, either traffic-free or how to ride in traffic safely. For example, our office is on 30th between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, right in the middle of Midtown with all of the tall buildings and traffic, but there’s a bike lane on 29th and one on 30th so it’s really no problem to bike here.