Bike and Roll vs Citibike

Know Before You Go

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. “Do you guys rent unicycles?” “Can you teach me how to ride a Penny Farthing?” “Are Segways as fast as cars?” “Is chocolate really the best ice cream flavor?” These are all wonderful examples of (very) infrequently asked questions. (The answers to which are no, no, no, and yes, in case you were wondering…) Now, onto the most commonly asked questions we actually receive!

So, how does this whole thing work? Should I make a reservation, or just wing it?

Well, if you’re definitely set on going on one of our guided bike or Segway tours when you visit NYC, we strongly recommend reserving with us online in advance. And, you guessed it, the same goes for our rentals! If you want to ensure we’ll have the correct size and type of equipment for you and yours, be sure to reserve rentals prior to your visit.

Do I really need to bring anything with me? I hate stuff.

While we’re certainly all for minimalism, you will need to bring a form of state or federal ID with you, in addition to a credit or debit card for your deposit. (Deposits are $50/bike for comfort and kids’ bikes, $75/bike for performance bikes, and $100 for tandems and race bikes).

Any age restrictions I should know about?

We do require that at least one adult (with proper ID) over 18 years of age be present per six riders. Also, when renting tandems or any kids’ specialty equipment, the lead rider must be at least 18 as well. (Sorry, this means no kiddie captains with senior stokers on our tandems)!

Blast—I’ve got a flat tire! What do I do?

Flats can certainly take the air out of a good time! Typically, our riders are responsible for any damages to rental equipment, but Bike and Roll team members are happy to help you out if you’re nearby one of our locations. If you get a flat, or need similarly small repairs, we do recommend looking up the nearest bike shop. (If you are unable to find one, feel free to call us for suggestions.)

If you intend to travel far from our open rental locations, we recommend purchasing our Peace of Mind Plan for an additional $3/bike ($9/race bike). If anything should happen on your ride, and you are required to pay for repairs, you will be fully reimbursed! If you happen to be a victim of theft, and the bike or any of the bike’s components need to be replaced, you will be covered for 100% of the value of the stolen parts/bike, up to $500 with a $100 deductible.

What’s included in the rental price?

With every Bike and Roll rental, you’ll receive a keyed U-lock, a handlebar bag or rack, a local map, a tire changing kit, and a helmet. Our staff will be able to provide touring tips, suggest routes and answer any other questions you might have.

How does the Security Deposit work?

When checking in on the day of the rental, we will take a security deposit of $50 / bike ($100 for tandem and race bikes) on your debit or credit card. The mandatory security deposit is a temporary hold that we release as soon as the equipment is returned. Credit cards and banks may take 3-5 business days to release holds from credit cards and 7-10 business days to release holds from debit cards. Please note: international cards may take longer to clear from your account. If you have concerns about how this will affect your account, we urge you to contact your card issuer prior to your rental date.