Central Park

Central Park Bike Tours

Central Park is located in the middle of one of the most exciting, energetic and dynamic urban environments on Earth … New York City. One of the great secrets of this world-famous destination is that most of the top sites, including Central Park, are accessible by bike, either through guided bicycle tours or bike rentals, allowing for an up-close-and-personal experience with famous spots while also getting some fresh air and congestion-free touring.

Waterfront & Central Park

Our see-it-all guided Waterfront & Central Park Tour will put you in a “New York State of Mind!”

Inside Central Park

Our Inside Central Park Bike Tour will take you to some of the most iconic park attractions.

What will you see along the way?
Pretty much everything…


Central Park Carousel
A carousel has been in operation at Central Park since 1871. The original carousel was powered by a blind horse and mule. The current carousel was manufactured by the Stein & Goldstein Company of Brooklyn for a trolley terminal outside Coney Island.
The Dairy
Once an actual dairy, this facility now serves as a Visitor’s Center for Central Park. Touch-screen kiosks provide general information about the park, built with kids in mind. The Dairy also serves as the official Central Park gift store.
Central Park Zoo
Home to over 130 different species of animals from tropical, temperate and polar zones all over the world. A highlight is the Delacorte Musical Clock, situated between the Zoo and the Tisch Children’s Zoo. The Clock keeps time with a song and dancing bronze animal statues.
The Mall
One of the only spaces in the park originally designated for social gathering. This walk is also very famous and recognizable in films and photographs.
Bethesda Terrace & Fountain
Considered the centerpiece of the park, it is especially noted for the Angel of the Waters statue and hand-carved details.
Loeb Boathouse
Located at the northeast tip of the Lake, this NYC icon is famous for its restaurant and paddle boat rentals.
Sheep Meadow
You’ll see tons of people soaking in the sun at Sheep Meadow. A vast, grassy spot, perfect for Frisbee with some friends. Also providing a great view of midtown forming at a distance.
Conservatory Water
A famous backdrop to many films, known for the many remote controlled boats sailing around the pond. Relatively close to the Hans Christian Anderson and Alice In Wonderland statues, which are popular spots among kids around the city.
Shakespeare Garden
One of the most famous gardens in NYC. This garden covers over four acres of greenery, constantly changing depending on the season. The Garden is located near the Delacorte Theatre, the site of the annual “Shakespeare in the Park” series held in the summer.