Bike the River Valley: A Nice Day of Cycling along the Hudson


Looking to get out of the city on your bike? Check out the Bike the River Valley touring event. Here’s the “skinny” and the rest of the details are below:

Date: Sunday, July 17, 2011

Location: Highland, NY

Type of Event: Touring

Routes for beginners and experts (40 miles, 70 miles, 100 miles)

Optional transportation available from New York City

The best rest stops, superb support, marked routes, free hot showers at the finish line, free post-ride meal, free massage, all ages welcome and kids ride free!

This is a lovely ride with great scenery, fun people, wonderful volunteers, and lots of food. Almost 1,500 people are expected to register and participate, and the support for this event is huge.

Everyone starts at the Highland start/finish line. From there, the ride heads east over the Hudson, then turns north to visit FDR’s home, the Vanderbilt Mansion, and the Mills Mansion.

At this point, the routes split:

  • The 40-mile rider ends at Bard College.  From there the race sponsors will transport your bike and you back to the start/finish line.  (Why not have you do a loop?  Because there’s just not that much difference on the way home AND because you would miss Bard College, which is lovely.)
  • After the 70s and 100s visit Bard college, they split.  The 70s head straight over the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge and then back to the start/finish line in Highland by riding along the west side of the Hudson.
  • The 100-mile riders head north to the beautiful towns of Tivoli and Germantown, before heading over the Kingston-Rhinecliff bridge and joining up with the 70-mile riders.  The 70s and the 100s ride back along the west side of the Hudson to the start/finish line.

The details are too many to post here so we’re going to refer you over to the event site for much more additional reading, photos, and registration information.

Don’t have a bike but want to participate in this event? Bike and Roll New York City can absolutely help. Call us at 212.260.0400 for information about the types of bikes we offer that would be suitable for this event.