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Bicycle Tours, the best way to travel!

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When you travel, consider bicycle tours as a way to maximize your experience! A bicycle tour is the single best means to explore a travel destination. More efficient and covering more ground and material than walking while providing a much more intimate experience than a mass transit solution like a bus or a boat tour. A bicycle tour also does not include the challenges faced by auto drivers such as parking issues; traffic and the constant need to pay attention to the road.

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Travel by Tandem

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A tandem bicycle rental is a terrific way for a couple to explore a travel destination. While bikes in general are more efficient than walking and much more fun than being confined in a motor vehicle, the tandem adds a special dynamic.

The tandem experience eliminates the worry of separating or losing your partner. Also, ongoing conversation is much easier than if attempting to travel together on separate bicycles. You can share the workload as well but beware, tandems are a little more challenging when navigating hills.

There has been some discussion about tandem bikes and relationships. According to Angela Hill of the Oakland Tribune, “They’ve been called everything from love machines to divorce accelerators”. As a rental operator, I recall the first tandem rental I ever facilitated was to a newlywed couple in San Francisco. Upon return from their ride I was apprised of some conflict along the way relating to the pecking order of operator management. The biggest issue seemed to be the lack of advance warning to the rider in back about forthcoming bumps. In the end, we all had a good laugh and the relationship did not seem any worse for the wear.

Tandems are a great product to rent as they tend to be more economical than renting two separate bikes. Additionally, most people do not own a tandem, so renting one is a means to try something new. They are not difficult to ride, but a few important rules apply. The rider in front always mounts the bike first and the first one on is always the last one off. The front rider always stabilizes the bike for the back rider when mounting and dismounting the bike. Communication is also very important. Advising when brakes will be applied or when shifting greatly improves riding efficiency. Advising on forthcoming points of interest also makes for a better experience for the rider in back. And yes, the front rider should alway advise when there are bumps in the road.

Bike and Roll NYC recommends a tandem bicycle rental experience for those who enjoy adventurous travel and sharing experiences with others. See for more information on renting a tandem in New York City.


Byline: Darryll White

Photo by: kohlmann.sascha via flickr

Thanks To Bicycle Touring Customers

Bike Central Park


With the forthcoming projected snow storm and some site construction to follow,  Bike and Roll NYC has recently closed all its New York City bicycle rental and tour locations for this winter season. Operations will resume in the early spring and Bike and Roll looks forward to the 2016 bicycle tourism season!

Bike and Roll thanks all it’s patrons for the ongoing support and recognizes it’s customers as the very best part of doing business.

Over the winter,  Bike and Roll will design a couple of new tours intended to add further variety and also align with NYC’s current focus on local culture.  “As the bicycle touring demographic continues to expand, the need to serve broadened interests will be met with new services. Staying 100% inline with customer demand is at times challenging in today’s fast paced and ever changing business environment,  but creating happy customers is the fun part and it is simply what we do”,  according to Bike and Roll co-owner, Darryll White.

Bike and Roll expects to re-open sometime in early March, depending on the weather conditions at that time. Management offices will remain open and bike-share operations in Hoboken, New Jersey will commence throughout the winter months.

If contacting Bike and Roll is necessary during the winter season, voicemail left at the main number will receive a return call. A message on the Bike and Roll Facebook page is also another way to contact one of the company managers. Reservations for next season and beyond can be made at anytime via the Bike and Roll NYC website.

TD Five Boro Bike Tour

Five Boro Bike Tour


Registration for the 2016 TD Five Boro Bike Tour opens January 12, 2016

If you need to rent a bicycle for the tour, please contact Bike and Roll New York City for reservation of rental packages. Rental package includes:

  • Bike pick-up at the start of the ride, tuned up and ready to go
  • Optional early bike pick-up the evening before the ride at no additional charge
  • Optional pedal installment (if you bring your own)
  • Rental helmet
  • Bike drop-off on Staten Island, so you don’t have to wait in the bike line for the ferry
  • An amazing ride without complications!

Sam Polcer

photo credit: Sam Polcer/Bike New York

For more information and to register: #TDFBBT

For bicycle rental packages: #bikeandroll